The word aphorism (literally “distinction” or “definition”, from the Greek: ἀφορισμός, aphorismós ap-horizein “from-to bound”) denotes an original thought, spoken or written in a laconic and easily memorable form. The genre is also known as “maxim”.

Source: Aphorism

  1. Truth over vocation.
  2. Truth does not care what you think.
  3. The Catholic Church is bigger than any one experience of her.
  4. Information is not education.
  5. Disobedience on the right is still disobedience.
  6. Many identify with Catholicism but few embrace it.
  7. The liturgy does not create the Church but the Church has liturgy.
  8. Belonging is more than knowing.
  9. The Bible is true because it is Catholic, not Catholic because it is Biblical.
  10. One cannot say “Yes” to Jesus without saying “Yes” to his Church.
  11. Jesus wants all of me, all of the time.
  12. Is that what the Church teaches or is it what you think the Church teaches?
  13. Nostalgia is not a virtue.
  14. Being informed” is not a virtue.
  15. Seeds of doubt are sown by the devil to tempt people away from the Truth.
  16. On an objective level, the term “Catholic Christianity” can only be used by those who have never looked at what the Catholic Church teaches.

Feel free to add your own!

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