Technique makes perfect

I have spent the last three Saturday mornings taking our oldest daughter to her swimming lessons. I like watching the care and devotion of the teachers. I am always struck by the care the teachers take in explain the correct technique. The poor children do lap after lap correcting the position of their elbow, or the position of their hand upon entry into the water, etc. Experience has taught people that to go really fast in the pool requires much more than a collection of training drills or past philosophies of swimming. It requires the correct technique now.

Theology, to face the problems of today and tomorrow, must be much more than a systematizing and collection of datum. The task of theology is surely much broader than proof texting the official pronouncements of any particular denomination. Theology aims for the perfect technique – the perfect mindset. That technique will help us face the future with the help of the past but will fight the temptation of staying in the glory days of yesteryear. That technique will make us see the world from outside of ourselves – from God’s perspective – but will not ignore the blight and pain of the people around us. It will be grounded in God himself and not any idea or philosophy about him. It will not be afraid to ask the hard questions and explore them to their extreme but it will know when things have gone too far.

Theology, to be truly productive, must be more than a collection of information. Maybe technique does make perfect.

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