Christianity lite

There is an extremely interesting analysis of the seeker-sensitive movement, typified by Rick Warren‘s book The Purpose Driven Life, on the American Thinker website: ‘Seeker-Sensitive’ Conservatism by Alan Roebuck

I’ll just highlight a couple of points:

One result is that the deep and challenging teachings of traditional Christianity must never be presented in the Sunday morning worship service that has traditionally been the cornerstone of Christian fellowship. Not only will non-Christian seekers probably not want to hear that God regards them as sinners, but they will have no interest in what Warren (and theological liberals) dismissively call “doctrine,” that is, the actual content of the religion preached by Christ and the Apostles. The result is a Christianity that retains the rituals and some of the language of traditional Protestant Christianity, but is effectively stripped of its content.

Of course, there is a Catholic equivalent: Catholic-lite – pretty on the outside but nothing on the inside.

But this is what really scared me:

For example, seeker-sensitive clergy will allude to the necessity of faith in Christ for salvation, but they will describe this “salvation” primarily in terms of personal life-enhancement. They will rarely mention, and certainly not elaborate on, the traditional Christian doctrines that salvation is necessary because God punishes unforgiven sinners by sending them to Hell, that forgiveness was achieved by the death of Christ on the Cross, and that all this is made possible because of the sovereign and supernatural work of God. These teachings would be too challenging to the seeker, so they are removed, resulting in a desiccated Christianity.

Oprah with a bit of religion??

What sort of God is this proclaiming?? A god who asks nothing of me?? Or a god who helps me to think more positively and act in my own best interest?



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