Catholic by choice since 2007!

Dear Mr Self-appointed-internet-Protestant-Apologist,

Thank you for flooding my Inbox with your emails. I was completely unaware of the numerous Biblical texts that you quote. Where were you when I struggled and wrestled with these questions for years, reading and studying? Where were you when I struggled with my identity and was looking for answers? Yet I am so grateful to you for finally pointing out the error of my ways.

So I became a Catholic by conviction because I believed that theology, logic and history all pointed one way. But no! You showed me that 2000 years of history must give way to novelty. That the collected experience of those who have offered their life in faith to Jesus must give way to the newest evangelism programme that strives to be relevant. All by accepting your way of looking at the world. My education and reading have been null and void until you explained the plain truth to me. I really enjoyed that you set all the rules for our discussion and then changed them mid-sentence.

You finally showed me what Roman Catholics really believe without ever stepping inside the Church or looking at the Catechism. You showed me the error of my ways without ever wrestling with your own identity and the open contradictions within your thoughts. But I now realize that I was too hung up on the gift that God gave me – my sanctified common-sense.

The straw-man you set up was easily burned by your slogans. Your misunderstandings and historical inaccuracies really didn’t lessen your point that much. Making fun of my devotional life, especially the parody of the Mass you entertained me with, really opened my eyes.

But above all, I thank you for not talking to me but rather at me. After all I am only an ignorant Roman Catholic. Monologue is so much fun! Without a doubt your ideas are so new and indisputable that I have no choice but to surrender the faith of all the great Saints and adopt your interpretation of Christianity. I look forward to the next Apologist who visits my Inbox to tell me that all the other apologists have got it wrong and I need to accept his interpretation.

Yours sincerely,

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