Turning Point #5.1: An example

There is a post at Western Orthodoxy that illustrates a point I was trying to make in a previous post: The Seeker-Sensitive Takeover of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

It looks like another denomination is going the way of “praise bands”: the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Although the LCMS has a wing of “Luthero-catholics,” liturgically minded people who use a modified Breviary, there has been a strong cultural pull to slide into LCD (lowest common denominator) worship.

For those who are not in the know when it comes to the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod: it is the conservative one! (It is also the former home of Fr John Fenton.) I am not sure about a group of Luthero-catholics (is there such a thing?) but it is naturally conservative on issues of theology (ordination of women, ecumenism, etc).

My point: this slide to LCD worship is an illustration of the Theological Method. A method not grounded in the historical community of faith but fluctuating between the past and the present. (If not fluctuating, than at least selective.) The liturgy will not magically create an orthodoxy Christian community, but an orthodox Christian community will have liturgy (by definition, btw!). Also, a change in style (and that is a big red herring!) will not bring the young or anyone to Jesus.

To put it in a slightly different way, when we are made right with God by faith alone, why have liturgy?? (Why have the Church or the sacraments??) As soon as the addition of the Church or the liturgy or the sacraments is acknowledged, how is it alone?

NB: I have edited the post to reflect the comment.


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