Some logical considerations

I am not the most logical of people, neither do I have any academic training in logic. Yet,I have been musing on the line of arguement sometimes used for the Extraordinary Usage (which, by the way, I have nothing against):

All Norvus Ordo Masses / Parishes are stuffed.
Ipso facto, all TLM (even outside of Communion) Masses / Parishes are okay.

My concern is that in the above one needs only to find one Norvus Ordo Mass / Parish that is not stuffed. (Unless one, of course, considers the use of the Norvus Ordo in itself to be invalid. In that case, one would not be a Catholic!) Yet one needs to show that all TLM Masses / Parishes are beyond reproach. It is a dangerous game to play: is there never ever any departure from the rubrics within communities that use the Extraordinary Usage exclusively? Are all Extraordinary Usage Masses done according to the 1962 Missal with solid sermons and sound Catholic teaching?

It brings me back to an issue I have raised before: why have the Extraordinary Usage?

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