Some random thoughts on Protestantism

I stumbled across this article, The 8 Marks of a Robust Gospel by Scot McKnight, via Evangelical Catholicity. I was intrigued by this point:

2. The robust gospel places transactions in the context of persons. When the gospel is reduced to a legal transaction shifting our guilt to Christ and Christ’s righteousness to us, the gospel focuses too narrowly on a transaction and becomes too impersonal. … The robust gospel of the Bible is personal—it is about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit. It is about you and me as persons encountering that personal, three-personed God.

Is the legal metaphor of justification used too limiting?? The above suggests that it is. Some metaphors used in theological paradigms to the exclusion of others limit the full expression of the Truth. Justification is more than a spiritual law-court! One of problems (me thinks) of generic Protestant theology is this limiting.

I completely agree that the Gospel is personal: an interaction of the person with the Triune God. But the article needs to go one step further: the gospel is never individual. The personal relationship with Jesus is always within the visible community of faith. In fact, I am a Catholic exactly for that reason: it is only within the Church that I can have a full personal relationship with Jesus.


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