The Real Presence, the Bible, and Justification

James Hasting made a comment on the post Why are you not Catholic? that pricked my interest. He summarized his reason for, in his case, leaving the Catholic Church thus:

I left the Roman Catholic denomination because I did not believe in the definition of Communion.

I will not argue about how that decision was reached and the role of some negative experience in the process. My issue is one that is a common issue of dispute between Evangelicals and Catholics. I assume (and I am happy to be corrected) that the definition of Communion means the doctrine of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharistic species. In short, as I understand the argument, the Real Presence is considered to be unbiblical by Evangelicals and Bible Believing Christians.

So I have a question: what part of This is my body is unbiblical? Let’s side step the question of the Ascension of Our Lord, the communication of attributes, and the exact nature of Our Lord’s presence. Taking Jesus at his word seems to be the best plan of action: the plain and simple words of Our Lord are that the bread is his Body. How can one consider themselves a Bible believing Christian and not believe in the Real Presence?

So I have a challenge to anyone who wishes to answer: how is the Real Presence unbiblical? Or, allow me to change the topic and ask: how is justification by faith ALONE biblical?


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