THEOlogy vs theoLOGY

I am reading Principles of Christian Theology by Canon John Macquarrie. The opening chapter is an attempt at defining theology. (And the rest of the book is a working out of that definition.) It is a very difficult task (dare I say, impossible) but Macquarrie proposes the following:

[Theology] is the study which, through participation in and reflection upon a religious faith, seeks to express the content of this faith in the clearest and most coherent language available.

Interesting, yes! (Anyone who would like to give a definition of theology via the combox is most welcome!) It shows a fundamental question in theology:

THEOlogy vs TheoLOGY.

Where do we put the emphases? Does any reflection on the reality of God (the object of theology) through the faith community (the subject of theology) have to end in set of dogmatic statements? The emphases between the content of theology (material) vs the reality of theology (formal) is a fundamental issue.


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