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I am reading the Holy Father’s book Principles of Catholic Theology. I am so impressed by his writings – this guy knows his theology!!!! His insight and ability to systematize his thought into a coherent discourse is beyond compare in the modern Church (but let’s not forget Saint Thomas!). Does anyone read him in German? Should I get a copy of his writings in the original?

Here is a quote:

These differences with the regard to the object of theology are linked, of necessity, to a variety of methodological orientations and to different concepts of the goal to be attained. … According to one – the Thomistic – view, theology is to be regarded as a scientia speculativa; according to the other – the Franciscan – view, it is to be regarded as a scientia practica. (318)

The Holy Father goes on to speak about the difference, after the Council, in attempts to reorient theology using the terms orthodoxy and orthopraxis. All of this brings us back to the central question of method.

Has anyone else read the whole book?


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