Revelation, the Word of God, and the Scriptures

I have been reading Models of Revelation by Avery Cardinal Dulles SJ alongside Theology of Revelation by Fr Rene Latourelle SJ. Today, still blogsurfing, I stumbled across these interesting posts at phatcatholic apologestics:

Strangely (by God’s Providence?) these posts mirror what I have been reading and thinking about. Dulles speaks of Revelation in terms of the tacit and explicit Word of God. (Of course, the terms are borrowed from philosopher and scientist Michael Polanyi.)

This is (me thinks) the fundamental difference between the way Catholics and Protestants view Revelation. Is the Word of God (the self-revelation of God in and through Jesus Christ) implicit (ie needing an outside agent to interpret) or explicit (ie self-interpreting) within the Scriptures?


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