A lesson learned!

I have been reflecting the last couple of days about our journey. We are eight days away from our reception into the Church. That also for the uninitiated (Mark!) means I have eight days left as an Anglican priest.

I have come to realize over time that there is a considerable difference between Anglicanism in principle and the particular embodiment of Anglicanism. The Anglicanism which I read about in books does not exist in reality. The slum priests are no more, the Catholic Revival is marginalized and split, and the beauty of Anglican liturgy has been individualized. The Anglican attempt at a form of Catholicism without the pope has failed. Anglicanism will always hold a part of my heart in what it could be. And it will always remain a sad part of my life in that it fails to live up to its potential.  

Yet further I have come to realize that whatever Anglicanism maybe (or could be) is not my concern. God has called us into the Church and that is where our loyalty, love, and concern must be. Therefore I have decided to limit my posting to solid Catholic topics, to not post any more Turning Points, and to delete the draft posts about Anglican topics on the blog. A blog, by its nature, is extremely personal and therefore I cannot avoid the occasional trip down memory lane. But I will not allow this to become an ex-Anglican-now-triumphant-Catholic blog.


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