Turning Point#3.1: Now or never

Maybe I should add some personal reflections on my last Turning Point. This is not a whole new insight (nor a new point of clarity) but rather builds on my insight into Anglican and Roman relationships. It was only due to the possibility of a Anglican Uniate Church that I theologically considered the Roman claims. One may describe my position as crass protestant before that. Maybe I was not properly immersed in the Catholic Anglican tradition? Or maybe it is my Germanic nature which takes things way too literal? Yet sermons, talks, and discussions which praised the office of the papacy (without reference to a possible Anglican interpretation of the Petrine Office) left me a little more than bewildered.

So I looked at the claims which Rome makes about itself. I read the Catechism and the Compendium and discovered that the middle ground of ‘wait and see‘ became untenable. The claims of Rome cannot be true but not call me into full communion now. The middle ground of ‘Yes but‘ to the Roman claims is logically and theologically beyond defense. I admit that I was not fully schooled in the Anglo-Catholic tradition and, as such, did not see this coming.

I think Mark (from Rise and Pray) said it most clearly in the combox:

I used to think about this a lot, but realised it was holding me back. Like I once wrote on my blog, I can no longer wait. I want to be in communion with Christ’s Holy Church, and with all due respect ARCIC, etc., is too slow for my taste.

That’s my point! There comes a time where all the possible futures need to give way to the reality of life in Christ now. There comes a moment when what may happen (or may not happen in the future) must give way to obedience to God today. Let us all pray that there will be a Anglican Uniate Church in the future. But for me and my family it must be Rome today and not the possibilities of tomorrow.


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