Doctrinal Relativism and The Church

Do you think another Christian (active in their own denomination) should join your denomination in their search for truth? Or is God happy with where they are and they should just struggle to find the truth within their own context?

I was shocked to read yesterday on Fr Chadwick’s blog:

It would never occur to me to suggest that anyone should become a member of the TAC, unless that person was “unchurched” and said to me that he was looking for a Christian community seeking to serve the Universal Church.

Have we really fallen so deep into doctrinal relativism that we no longer proclaim the truth? Have we given up believing in our own denomination? Do we purely see everything as a personal individual choice beyond objective truth? Fr Chadwick, is there any truth in the TAC? So why not discuss these truths with other Christians and give an apologia for the TAC? Why would someone outside of the Church need a community seeking the Universal Church (and vocalize such a desire)?

Relativism is the idea which claims there is no objective truth: truth is embedded in culture, history, and society and is never absolute. Modern ecumenical debate (on a denominational or local level) has been plagued by doctrinal relativism. Doctrinal relativism damages the mission of the Church! You will get no-one to join the local chess club if you don’t think chess is an excellent game! You will get no-one to move into a deeper relationship with God unless you are certain that your denomination has something to offer that person.

Allow me an overstatement: In the end, our denomination must be The Church (even if it does not claim to be) otherwise all is pointless!


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